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Illinois Workers Compensation Case? Have You Been Injured At Work, On The Job or at Your Place of Employment?

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If You Were Injured From An Accident At Work, You May Be Entitled To Recover Money From An Illinois Workers Compensation Case.

A team of Illinois workers compensation personal injury lawyers and workers comp personal injury attorneys is investigating potential Illinois workers compensation cases of individuals and families who have suffered serious personal injuries or death arising out of and in the course of their employment in Illinois.

Each year thousands of Illinois workers are injured at work, on the job or at their place of employment, often causing employees to have to miss work and suffer lost wages and suffer from work injuries requiring them to seek medical treatment and therapy.  According to the State of Illinois Department of Public Health Survey of Occupational Injuries and Injuries in Illinois, the overall incidence rate for nonfatal occupational injuries and illnesses in Illinois is roughly 3.6 per 100 full-time workers.

If you or a loved one were injured in a work accident in Illinois, on the job or at your place of employment, you may be able to recover money from an Illinois workers compensation case. Contact an Illinois workers compensation lawyer or Illinois workers compensation attorney for a free Illinois workers compensation case review.

Illinois Workers Compensation Explained.

Illinois workers compensation is a no-fault system of insurance benefits provided by law and paid by employers to workers in Illinois who experience job-related injuries or diseases. What this means is that, with some exceptions, the employee gives up their right to sue the employer in court.  Almost every employee who is hired, injured, or whose employment is localized in the state of Illinois is covered by the workers comp law.

In Illinois, the state agency that resolves disputes between injured workers and their employees regarding workers compensation is the Illinois Workers Compensation Commission.   The IWCC acts as an administrative court for workers comp claims.

Injuries Covered By The Illinois Workers Compensation System.

In most instances, the Illinois Workers Compensation law covers injuries that are caused in part, by the employee’s work.   Work injuries come in all different shapes and sizes, with non-fatal injuries to different parts of the body (back injuries, knee injuries, etc) and sometimes even death.   The nature of such injuries can vary as well, ranging from soreness and pain, to repetitive movement injuries (or carpel tunnel syndrome), to broken bones and fractures, amputations and other serious work related injuries.  A worker in Illinois with a pre-existing condition may still receive Illinois workers comp benefits if he or she can show the work aggravated that condition.

Accidents Commonly Involved In Illinois Workers Compensation Cases.

Although the types of accidents that workers and employees may be injured in are countless, some types of work accidents are more common than others, such as overexterion, contact with objects, equipment or tools, getting stuck or caught in equipment or machinery, getting struck by an object (falling debris), falls (worker fell from ladder, roof or scaffold), slip or trip, exposure to harmful substances, transportation accidents (car accident, truck accident, train accident, van accident), repetitive motion and repetitive stress injuries from repeated movement or repetitive physical trauma (i.e., carpal tunnel syndrome, prolonged standing), assault or violent act, fires and explosions, heart attack and stroke aggravated by the job, and lifting related injuries (employee or worker injured lifting or moving heavy equipment, objects or furniture), to name a few.

Illinois Workers Compensation Benefits Available to Injured Employees

Employees who are injured at work generally are entitled to recover, regardless of fault, certain workers comp benefits, such as medical care reasonably required to cure or relieve the workers of the effects of the injury (including first aid, emergency care, doctor visits, hospital care, surgery, physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, pharmaceuticals, prosthetic devices, and prescribed medical appliances), temporary total disability, temporary partial disability, vocational rehabilitation, permanent partial disability, permanent total disability and death benefits to family members who survive a covered decedent.

In cases where the work accident or work injury is caused by someone other than the employer or a co-worker, the injured employee may also be able to recover damages from a third party liability lawsuit against the third party who is at fault (and in work injury cases where the injuries are fatal, the family of the worker may be able to recover compensation from a negligent third party in a wrongful death lawsuit).

Workers Compensation Claim Process In Illinois

Injured workers should have a basic understanding of the Illinois workers compensation claim process, including requirements regarding the reporting of work injuries and accidents, how benefits are paid and what options are available (such as filing a workers compensation case) if there is a dispute about the payment (or non-payment) of workers comp benefits.

If you have been injured in an accident at work in Illinois, an Illinois workers compensation lawyer or Illinois workers comp attorney may be able to help you recover money to compensate you for your work injuries.

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