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Illinois Personal Injury Settlements.

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Do You Have An Illinois Personal Injury Settlement Claim?

A team of Illinois personal injury settlement attorneys and lawyers is investigating personal injury settlement claims of individuals and families in Illinois who have suffered serious personal injuries or death as a result of an Illinois personal injury accident.

If you or a loved one were injured or died in an Illinois personal injury accident, you may be able to recover money from an Illinois personal injury settlement claim.

Recovering Money From Illinois Personal Injury Settlements. 

A personal injury settlement is an agreement between an injured person and the person who caused the injury to resolve a personal injury claim on certain terms.  A personal injury settlement typically involves the injured person agreeing to give up the right to pursue any further legal action relating to the accident or injury in exchange for a certain sum of money from the defendant or their insurance company.

An Illinois personal injury settlement typically may be made at any time, either before or after a lawsuit is filed.  Often times a personal injury case will settle at some point during the litigation process. The vast majority of personal injury cases are settled before they ever get to a trial.

The amount which may be recovered in a settlement of a personal injury case really depends on the unique facts and circumstances of each case.  Some of the factors that might influence the settlement value of a personal injury claim include, for example:

  • The type, severity and permanent nature of the injuries suffered.
  • The damages sustained or reasonably expected to be sustained (medical expenses, lost wages, property damage, etc.)
  • The strength or weakness of the “liability” case (the ability to prove that a defendant caused and should be held liable for the injuries and damages)
  • The amount of insurance coverage and/or defendant’s ability to pay a settlement
  • The quality of witnesses and other evidence
  • Expected jury perceptions of the plaintiff, defendant and witnesses
  • Verdicts and settlements in similar cases

Types Of Illinois Personal Injury Settlement Claims. 

Illinois personal injury settlement claims potentially being investigated in Illinois, include the following types of injury settlement claims, among others:

  • Auto and car accident injury settlements
  • Motor vehicle accident injury settlements
  • Motorcycle injury settlements
  • Bicycle accident injury settlements
  • Railroad, train, railway & subway accident injury settlements
  • Tractor trailer, eighteen 18 wheeler and semi truck accident injury settlements
  • Bus accident injury settlements
  • Boating accident injury settlements
  • Aviation, airplane & plane crash injury settlements
  • Medical malpractice settlements
  • Worker’s compensation settlementa
  • Slip and fall settlements
  • Chicago personal injury settlements
  • Other types of Illinois injury settlement claims

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